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The Slovak Agricultural Library has gained permanent access to selected titles of e-books produced by the independent Dutch publisher Wageningen Academic Publishers. Publishing is thematic oriented mainly to the field of natural science and agriculture.

The available collection of 42 e-books (monographs, manuals, collections) is in the field of agriculture, food, veterinary medicine, the environment and related socio-disciplinary disciplines. Selected e-books were published mostly in 2014-2016.

Access to full text of books is based on a valid license agreement between the collector and the university. For this reason, access is controlled by IP addresses, i.e., works only within the SPU computer network. If you are interested in working with a collection outside the SPU computer network in Nitra, registered library users can use the TuKAN remote access service. The entire contents of the collection of e-books (including individual parts of these documents) is copyrighted. Eligible users can download e-books in whole or in part, they can create a printed or electronic copy for their personal use.

Titles are freely available for download at the premises of the Slovak Agricultural University under agreed licensing terms from the publisher's website.

E-books :: List of available titles

  1. Applied equine nutrition and training : Equine NUtrition and TRAining COnference (ENUTRACO) 2015, eISBN 978-90-8686-818-6.
  2. Book of Abstracts of the 65th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production, eISBN 978-90-8686-799-8.
  3. Book of Abstracts of the 66th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production, eISBN978-90-8686-816-2.
  4. Cattle husbandry in Eastern Europe and China, eISBN 978-90-8686-785-1.
  5. Coffee certification in East Africa: impact on farms, families and cooperatives, eISBN 978-90-8686-805-6.
  6. Consuming mobility, e-ISBN 978-90-8686-794-3.
  7. Design of human nutrigenomics studies, eISBN 978-90-8686-672-4.
  8. Developmental work research: A tool for enabling collective agricultural innovation, eISBN 978-90-8686-819-3.
  9. Envisioning a future without food waste and food poverty, eISBN 978-90-8686-820-9.
  10. Farm animal proteomics 2014: proceedings of the 5th Management Committee Meeting and 4th Meeting of Working Groups..., eISBN 978-90-8686-810-0.
  11. Farm health and productivity management of dairy young stock, eISBN 978-90-8686-694-6.
  12. Food, diversity, vulnerability and social change : research findings from insular Southeast Asia, eISBN 978-90-8686-671-7.
  13. From agricultural to food law : the new scenario, e-ISBN 978-90-8686-801-8.
  14. Handbook of diet and nutrition in the menstrual cycle, periconception and fertility, eISBN 978-90-8686-767-7.
  15. Handbook of dietary and nutritional aspects of bottle feeding, eISBN 978-90-8686-777-6.
  16. Handbook of eggs in human function, eISBN 978-90-8686-804-9.
  17. Handbook of public health in natural disasters : nutrition, food, remediation and preparation, eISBN 978-90-8686-806-3.
  18. Indirect calorimetry : techniques, computations and applications, eISBN 978-90-8686-809-4.
  19. Industrial, medical and environmental applications of microorganisms : current status and trends, eISBN 978-90-8686-795-0.
  20. Intergenerational learning and transformative leadership for sustainable futures, eISBN 978-90-8686-802-5.
  21. Intestinal health : key to maximise growth performance in livestock, eISBN  978-90-8686-792-9.
  22. Know your food : food ethics and innovation, eISBN 978-90-8686-813-1.
  23. Mutagenesis : exploring genetic diversity of crops, eISBN 978-90-8686-796-7.
  24. Mutagenesis : exploring novel genes and pathways, eISBN 978-90-8686-787-5.
  25. Precision agriculture '15, eISBN 978-90-8686-814-8.
  26. Precision dairy farming 2016, eISBN 978-90-8686-829-2.
  27. Precision livestock farming applications : making sense of sensors to support farm management, eISBN 978-90-8686-815-5.
  28. Proceedings of the 48th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology : moving on, eISBN 978-90-8686-797-4.
  29. Proceedings of the 49th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology : ethology for sustainable society, eISBN 978-90-8686-817-9.
  30. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at the Farm and Group Level, eISBN 978-90-8686-798-1.
  31. Profiting from external knowledge : how firms use different knowledge acquisition strategies to improve their innovation performance, eISBN 978-90-8686-655-7.
  32. Quality and risk management in agri-food chains, ISBN 978-90-8686-789-9
  33. Ruminant physiology, ISBN 978-90-8686-119-4
  34. Rural development and the roles of knowledge and expertise, ISBN 978-90-8686-812-4
  35. Rural protest groups and populist political parties, ISBN 978-90-8686-807-0
  36. Sustainable agroecosystems in climate change mitigation, ISBN 978-90-8686-788-2
  37. Sustainable food consumption, ISBN 978-90-8686-811-7
  38. The acute poorly performing sport horse, ISBN 978-90-8686-072-2
  39. The gestating and lactating sow, ISBN 978-90-8686-803-2
  40. The great diversity, ISBN 978-90-8686-786-8
  41. The new equine economy in the 21st century, ISBN 978-90-8686-824-7
  42. Trends in game meat hygiene, ISBN 978-90-8686-790-5

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