TuKAN :: Remote web access :: Setup

The configuration moved to "http://www.slpk.sk/proxy.pac"; update your settings, please! Due to diversity, it is impossible to provide support in configuring or sorting out problems relating to remote network access in all cases.

Preset portable Firefox (FF) browser [110+MB] for MS Windows is available here:


Of course, before using preset FF, you need to unzip (extract) it first to an appropriate directory of your choice (e.g. right-click extract all) and not by clicking on the zip-file and running it from distributing archive! When FF requires updating, allow it, please.

Univerzal (all platforms) setup for Firefox:



Setup for Firefox (and browsers using own settings, OS-independent):

Tools >> Options >> General >> Network Proxy >> Settings >> Automatic proxy configuration URL: http://www.slpk.sk/proxy.pac

We recommend Firefox (and possibly univerzal setup) not only for users of alternative OS (Unix / Linux, macOS).

Setup for MS Windows Edge / Internet Explorer (and browsers using system settings, e.g. Chrome):

"Shortcut" for Win10/11: Settings (gear icon in the Start menu) >> Network and Internet >> Proxy >> Use configuration script >> Script address: http://www.slpk.sk/proxy.pac

Win7,8,8.1,10,11: Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Internet Options >> Connections >> LAN settings >> Use automatic configuration script >> Address: http://www.slpk.sk/proxy.pac

If you use mobile connection (e.g. usb modem), the connection must be set up as well (in Connections >> Dial up and Virtual Private Network settings).

Account information will be asked for after you click on a database link in the "E-zdroje / E-resources" section at the main page.

We do not recommend using small devices (mobile phones / tablets) with e-resources. Effective work with e-resources is, in our experience, possible rather from PC / NB...