TuKAN :: Remote web access :: Registration form

This form is for registering and activating a remote web access account for licensed electronic information sources. The registration process ends when you receive the access data to the e-mail contact.

The University staff and students are encouraged to provide a corporate email (is.uniag.sk). Requests with invalid / unverifiable data will not be processed. Other requests will be processed within 2 workdays. Forms sent after the end of standard opening hours during workdays and during free days / holidays will also be processed in this mode.

Fields marked with * are required.

  • On-campus users do not need remote web access.
  • Only users affiliated with the university or regular library readers are entitled to this service.
  • Please, keep in mind that the remote web access is provided only for searching/accessing scholarly/scientific/technical information (access to the licensed informational resources of SAL)...
  • Account information is for personal use only (any sharing is strictly prohibited!).
  • The remote web access is governed by the Rules of conduct in the SUA LAN (university network), SANET (academic network) and Library use policy. Use of the informational resources is subject to their individual licensing policies (no bulk downloads, no sharing, non-commercial use only, in particular).
  • The service will be terminated on violation of the conditions.


Contact: slpk-tukan@uniag.sk

Hereby, I request the remote web access to the informational resources (licensed databases) of the SAL.

By submitting the form, I accept the terms of the TuKAN service.